Q&A: Sunset In The Rearview

For the latest instalment of our new Q&A series, we chatted to Lydia of Sunset In The Rearview. Read on below to find out more, and see which blog is up next. Tune in this Friday for the next Q&A post.

Based in Durham, North Carolina, Sunset In The Rearview is the love-child of Lydia Simmons. Voted the best music blog of 2010 by its peers, it has quickly established itself as a force with live events, podcasts and personal asides thrown into the mix.  


Lydia Simmons


Sunset in the Rearview


Durham, NC

When did you start your blog?

December 2008

First album you bought:

Man, that’s a tough one. I honestly don’t remember. Maybe Destiny’s Child? TLC?

Sound of 2011:

I’m a really eclectic listener, so I’d say it’ll range from James Vincent McMorrow to Lupe Fiasco to Destroyer to Brenton Duvall. 

Favourite record of 2010:

Perfume Genius, Learning.

Best show you’ve been to recently?

I’m currently in a challenge with one other blogger where we’re trying to see and review 100 bands in 1 year. Favorite of late? Probably a tie between Lissie, The Love Language, and The Walkmen.

Regular stops on the festival circuit?

Hopscotch Music Festival, ACL, Coachella.

Guilty pleasures?

Eating copious amounts of cheese. Talking to my cat. Being far too big a fan of the NBA. 

Sunset In The Rearview has rapidly become one of the most popular music blogs. With the accolades, what are your bigger plans for the future?

Thank you! I’ve got a new site in development stages right now. I’m also starting to host shows - my second one is right around the corner. I’m also working on a project with another blogger that can’t be announced yet, but it’s in the mix. Lots of big things coming, let’s put it that way.

What are your main tools for discovering new music?

Blogs are the best way to find music, really. I have a list of blogs that I can count on for great new music, but it’s also fun to just dig. MySpace digs are fun, as are Bandcamp digs…and the second you strike gold, it feels like it’s your birthday and Christmas all on the same day. I also get some great email submissions.

Are you on last.fm? Who are your most listened to artists, or best new suggestions?

I am! Kid Cudi is my most listened to artist by a long shot. Best new suggestion would likely be James Vincent McMorrow. 

Craziest perk or experience you’ve had as a result of your blog?

Being voted the Best Music Blog of 2010 was incredible. Other than that, I think getting to write for ACL Festival, previewing some of the bands playing and getting a full press pass to that was great. But I also never thought I’d be on the radio, and I was recently interviewed to talk about Sunset on the radio, so that was pretty nuts too!

Any tips for our aspiring music bloggers?

Put personality into your blog. People cling to that, and it’s a great way to make some new friends. 

Which blog should we interview next?

Listen Before You Buy - he’s such a funny dude. 

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