SHUFFLER.FM LAUNCHES A ‘FLIPBOARD FOR MUSIC’ IPAD APP. for iPad creates an audio magazine powered by music blogs and sites.

November 8, 2011  

Today launches a Flipboard-style iPad app which creates the world’s first audio magazine powered by music blogs., a year old startup, began as a webapp: a blog powered version of Pandora or StumbleUpon for music, turning music blogs into radio stations.

The app creates one continuous stream straight from music blogs, creating a serendipitous experience of words, pictures, and audio.’s goal is to create a visual experience curated by music bloggers, who are today’s tastemakers and gatekeepers in filtering the music information overload and adding context to the music. was made for tablets and today it’s finally here on the iPad. It’s the world’s first real audio magazine, one which compiles itself and changes by the hour, giving you the latest, hottest, newest music from around the globe. Sit back, relax, listen, and read.

The app is available from or from the App Store at

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