New site added: Stereoklang, Sweden., a magazine/label/promo site run by a producer called ‘Steelberry Clones’.

Interviews with people like Alan Wilder and John Foxx but also tutorials on how to remix tracks is what Steelberry Clones is posting for you on his website. Kind of a strange website that has a bit of everything including self-promo, but what music lover doesn’t love to read about synths and interesting bands, right?

Check out here.


New site added: NSMBL from The Netherlands.

We have not featured a lot of dutch sites, probably because our headquarters are based in Amsterdam and sites from other countries just tend to interest us more. 

Sometimes we forget that Holland also has it’s amazing sites which is why we are featuring one right now. 

NSMBL, a site that is (probably) a place to be for women. Tips about fashion, outfits, a new whitening toothpaste, healthy breakfasts, your love life, new albums and you name it is what NSMBL writes about on a daily base.

Music and funny videos is however what you will be able to check out and read about via NSMBL in when you start following them. Do note that everything is written in Dutch, so you can either translate or just check out the pictures. 

To follow NSMBL click here.

New site added: Provokator Berlin and Prague.

Provokator Berlin Prague is a website focussing on music, arts and everything culture from Prague, Czech and Berlin, Germany.

This magazine format website also has it’s own community where they talk about the latest of these subjects. Radio podcasts, interviews, exhibitions and other events is what you can find great articles and information from here. You’ll never be bored in your free-time again, this site will make sure of that.

Click to check out Provokator here.


New site added: FMAG from Prague, Czech.

FMAG, a magazine with neither a Facebook page or a Twitter account that posts articles about Food, Design, Art, Beauty, Music and more, but only on their own website. 

When it comes to music you can find writing and music about artists such as Justin Timberlake, but also LL Cool J, Snoop Dogg and of course homegrown artists. 

The in Prague based magazine only writes in Czech so if you’re interested in finding out what the articles are about, have fun translating!

Click here to follow and check out FMAG.

About Todd Kunsman, founder of Oh So Fresh Music blog.

Todd, a guy from Lehigh Valley, Pennsylvania who at some point decided to start a music site.

”I’ve been obsessed with music for as long as I can remember and wanted to create an outlet to share music that deserves to be heard.”
After Todd graduated from college in 2010 he started the Oh So Fresh blog and has been running it ever since. Like he said himself ”It was also a way for me to stay connected to the music industry and showcase more for my resume.”
Because of Oh So Fresh, Todd has been able to work with some great writers over the years who are crazy passionate when it comes to music. There are also many labels and PR agencies who consistently send in great music for the blog.
We asked Todd what his and Oh So Fresh’s greatest achievement has been over the years, to which he answered with:
I’d have to say being recognized by the industry (whether it’s labels, PR, A&R, etc.) and general music fans who discovered something new via my site. Getting a tweet or short email message thanking me for sharing great music always puts a smile on my face.”
We also wanted to know what Todd’s top 5 favorite and most inspirational sites are, and we must say that our own list is not far off.
2. HillyDilly
If Todd made a good impression on you, please click here to follow and check out Oh So Fresh! Music.