5/5 Cool Tumblrs we think you should know of, Tuneage from New York.

Today we’ve got the last cool Tumblr we think you should know of for you. We will of course be back with 5 new cool tumblrs to show you in a little while, so don’t worry.

It’s time to show you the great site of Tuneage from New York, US. A site that brings you photo series, tracks, albums (reviews included) and other music news. 

From Iggy Azealia’s legendary track ‘Fancy’ to Arcade Fire’s ‘We Exist’, all kinds of genres are being featured and discussed. Even photos of Grimes her gear set-up at different events is worth checking out, and you can find more of that kind of stuff on Tuneage.

Click here and go find out about what other great stuff they post.

New site added: Bring Your Jack from Toulouse, France.

Bring Your Jack is probably a site that is quite known to the people who live in Toulouse. 

This website was set up in 2009 by Paul Guglielmi and Michael Garcia with the aim to post as many cool and new indie, alternative and electronic tracks for the public to listen to. 

Single tracks, albums, reviews, interviews and opinions is what you will find here. Artists such as Lone, Bastille and Diplo are all being put in the spotlight, so we suggest you to not waste any more time and click here.

New site added: Market Collective from Calgary, Canada.

Yay! Another new site from Canada.

Last week we already did a post about Sled Island festival, this time it’s a cool collective from Calgary. Those Canadians..

Market Collective is a site that was founded in 2008 by Angela Dione and Angel Guerra with the goal to promote local arts, culture and to engage and empower their community towards positive growth. 

Since 2008 Market Collective has grown quickly and became a close community where loads of artists are being showcased online as well as at Market Collective events. 

Go take a look yourself: HERE.

4/5 Cool Tumblr’s we think you should know of, Undomondo from Istanbul.

It’s time for number 4 out of 5 and this time it’s a page from Istanbul, Turkey.

Undomondo is a blog that supports and promotes good music regardless of genres, periods and geography which means you will find everything from experimental electronics to avantgarde jazz, indie, folk, disco, soul, funk, world music and everything worth hearing in between.

So whether you like listening to some Charles Mingus tracks or a 30 minute Ratking Boiler Room set, you’re at the right place here.

So go on, click here and listen to some of your new favorite tracks.

3/5 Cool Tumblr’s we think you should know of, Pitchfork.

Tumblr number 3 out of the 5 Tumblr’s we think you should know of is Pitchfork’s page.

We really do like to introduce you to some fresh and new pages but this one is just to remind us that some of the bigger players in the music-game are also active in the world of unicorns, depressed dogs, good music and hypes > Tumblr.

Let’s keep this post short and simple: 

Pitchfork on Tumblr is basically a summary of Pichtfork.com. So short posts, pictures that are easy to understand, links to interesting articles, funny and cool videos + the greatest music picks.

Now click here, click play and enjoy!


2/5 Cool Tumblr’s we think you should know of: Marcel’s Music Journal.

Amazing! Number 2 from our selection of 5 Tumblr’s we think that are too cool to not know about is Marcel’s Music Journal.

This little fella caught our eye because of his age in combination with his remarkable writing skills. Marcel is a 14 year old kid from Santa Cruz that can already call himself a music critic. It’s almost never that you find a good music journalist of such young age.

On Marcel’s Music Journal you will find news, interviews and self-written reviews about (for example) the latest albums of artists such as Ben Frost, Parquet Courts and jazz artist Hank Mobley. Marcel also rates these albums with a number from 0/5.

You should really go and check this fella out now, so please click here.